2022 Council elections

Next year's Council elections are a chance for Stirling to get rid of the SNP/Labour administration which has sleepwalked through the last 5 years it's had to try to improve our communities.

We don't ask for much from our council, just the maintenance of local services, and serving as a strong voice for our county in Holyrood and Westminster. 

However, the SNP/Labour council has done very little, collecting paychecks and trying to avoid any difficult policies. The only thing of note they have done in the last 5 years is to ruin Stirling's bin collections.

Thanks to the SNP and Labour, Stirling residents now need to wait for a month to have their black and blue bins picked up. This means, for example, parents of newborn children in nappies will have to make one bin last a month. 

This presents a serious health concern, with rubbish piling up across the county.

They claim this is to "improve recycling"; yet the blue recycling bin is also only picked up once a month, the glass recycling bin is no more, and you have to pay £35 a year to have your brown bin collected. 

This is on top of an increase in Council tax. To summarise, under this SNP/Labour council you are getting less, and paying more.

The Stirling Conservatives will stand enough candidates to take control of the council, and put this coalition out of a job. Under a Stirling Conservative council, bin collections will be restored, value for council tax will be sought, and you will have a forward thinking administration capable of running a county as vital as Stirling.

Our campaign has already started! To help, please see our "get involved" page.