Not in my name

Nicola Sturgeon has revealed she intends to hold a referendum in October 2023. She is urging the supreme court to let her run one, and if they say "No" she's threatening to hold an illegal, non-binding referendum or a consultation.

She is telling the supreme court and the leaders of other countries that Scotland supports this. 

In every election across Scotland, including in Stirling, most Scots vote for pro-UK parties. But because the SNP and their Green buddies have an artificial coalition in the Scottish Parliament, they are able to force this rubbish through.

Tell Nicola Sturgeon, Patrick Harvie, and all the other Nationalists that their time-wasting, potentially illegal attempt at breaking up the UK isn't being done in your name. 

Stirling voted 60% NO in 2014. Let's get a big number of names so we can write to Nicola and tell her "NO" once again.

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Indyref2: Not in my name

Not in my name: I oppose Nicola Sturgeon's Indyref2
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